Sumo wrestling

Sumo is the national sport of Japan. Sumo has six tournaments in a year and “Kyushu basho” is held in Fukuoka International Center every November.
In Fukuoka, I feel that it is almost the end of year when sumo comes to town, but we still had warm days with sweating in November of 2018.
The day of the photos was the fifth day of the tournament. “Kyushu basho” of 2018 was missing two Yokozunas Hakuho and Kakuryu from the opening day and from this day Kisenosato, only Yokozuna who was in the tournament, was absent because of injury. It was too bad…
The matches start in the morning everyday, but the most of spectators come to the arena a little bit before 16:00 because it is the time that sumo wrestlers of Makuuchi show up. The popular wrestlers wear colorful “Kesho Mawashi” and go around the ring, the arena is changed to gorgeous atmosphere at once.
After this ceremony, battles of the top wrestlers finally start.
The costumes of the Gyoji (sumo referee) are very beautiful for matches of Makuuchi. Gyoji is changed according to rank of the wrstlers, it is also interesting.
In the entrance hall, there was a trophy for the tournament champion and prizes for wrestlers finished with good results, and you can purchase sumo goods at stores there as well.
When I came out of the arena after all the matches were over, I heard sounds of “Hane Daiko” drum from the top of the tower. This drum beat calling to the spectators “Please come again.”

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